Photoshop Plugins Lens Pro III

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Photoshop Plugins Lens Pro III

Photoshop Plugins Lens Pro III | 5.81 MB

Panopticum Lens Pro III is a new plug-in module for Adobe Photoshop and other graphic editors supporting the same standard. It helps user in creation of various lenses, crystals and glass surfaces. This module is a set of numerous effects for making glass objects and patterns of them. Every glass object of the set contains many adjustable parameters. The glass objects from the set contain high quality and fast drawing mechanism, which makes the obtained lens effects look spectacular and realistic.

What's New
Here are the advantages the Panopticum LensPro III possesses in comparison to version 2:
1. The lens and crystals drawing algorithms have been improved. Now all the glass objects are drawn faster and with superior quality.
2. New types of lenses and crystals were added. All crystals have now become 3-dimensional.
3. New types of highlights were added.
4. A new possibility of reflecting objects from glass surfaces of lenses and crystals was developed.
5. The particles system has been improved so that now user can create complex patterns of lenses.
6. A new possibility to create 3D-crystals of any shape has been added. Moreover,any 3D-model from standard 3DS or WRML file can be represented as a transparent crystal of that shape.
7. Various special effects like gradual growing, destruction, scattering, etc. can be applied to crystals.
8. A possibility to create glass surfaces of the shape of any selected area.
9. 64-bit color support.
10. Several rendering modes.
11. Enhanced, user-friendly interface with fast preview.
11. And more…

Installation :
The steps you need to take in order to install the Panopticum Lens Pro III:
1. Close the Photoshop, if you have it running.
2. Start the plug-in installation program
3. Choose the folder where the Photoshop plug-ins is stored.
4. For example, ../Adobe/Photoshop 6.0/Plug-Ins/Filter
5. Start the Photoshop.
6. Go to menu “Filters/Panopticum” to find the Panopticum Lens Pro III there.
7. Enjoy.

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