The Wise LIttle Hen

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The Wise LIttle Hen

This short (1934) heralds the arrival of one of the world's most popular and durable movie stars, Donald Duck.
In this short Donald shared the billing with "The Wise Little Hen" and "Peter Pig". With her chicks the Wise Little Hen calls on Peter Pig to ask him if he will help her plant her corn, but with a graphic demonstration of abruptly assumed agony he responds: "Who? Me? Oh, no, I've got a bellyache." Then she goes to the home of Donald Duck, but he, like Peter, is anxious to dodge anything as exhausting as work and so clutches his stomach, rolls his eyes in badly acted torment, and repeats those famous first words: "Who? Me? Oh, no , I've got a bellyacehe." The Wise Little Hen sniffs disbelievingly at the pair of them, but without further demur she and the chicks plant the corn themselves ........

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