Tile Textures for 3D MAX

Posted By: meghdad1
Here I have some textures of tiles for 3D MAX users…

50 Textures | 3 Files of Size 707*707 Pixels (main, bump, mask), Each Texture | Total Size: 52 MB

NO need to download the whole Parts!
I have create a List of files for you to easily select the part you want…
enjoy it!

No Mirror PLEASE!

Textures List (Fie Size:1.2MB)
Tiles 21-29 (Fie Size:14.5MB)
Tiles 30-39 (Fie Size: 8.1MB)
Tiles 40-49 (Fie Size:10.4MB)
Tiles 50-59 (Fie Size:11.4MB)
Tiles 60-69 (Fie Size:8.7MB)