Daz3D Bodysuit for V4

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Daz3D Bodysuit for V4

Daz3D V4 Bodysuit
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Experience the ultimate in conforming clothing for V4. The V4 Bodysuit contains over 70 morphs to match V4, along with 31 more for further control over the style and fit of the bodysuit. You'll never own a more versatile piece of clothing for V4 than this single item. Create shorts, pants, capris, bikinis, leotards, leg-warmers, sweat bands, over any other tight fitting clothing that you can imagine. With the ability to add displacement maps and increase the thickness of the bodysuit, you can create hundreds of unique outfits from this single piece of clothing.


* Victoria 4 Morphs:
o FBMAmazon
o FBMBodyBuilder
o FBMBulk
o FBMDefinition
o FBMEmaciated
o FBMFitness
o FBMHeavy
o FBMPearFigure
o FBMThin
o FBMVoluptuous
o FBMYoung
o PBMAbsHeightL
o PBMAreolaOut
o PBMAreolaPerk
o PBMAreolaSize
o PBMArmSize
o PBMBellyFull
o PBMBellySmooth
o PBMBellyThickness
o PBMBellyThin
o PBMBreastsCleavage
o PBMBreastsCleavageWidth
o PBMBreastsDiameter
o PBMBreastsDroop
o PBMBreastsFlatten
o PBMBreastsHangForward
o PBMBreastsImplant
o PBMBreastsLarge
o PBMBreastsNatural
o PBMBreastsPerk
o PBMBreastsSize
o PBMButtockCrease
o PBMCalvesFlex
o PBMForearmsThickness
o PBMGluteCreaseL
o PBMGluteCreaseR
o PBMGluteFlexL
o PBMGluteFlexR
o PBMGluteRaiseL
o PBMGluteRaiseR
o PBMGlutesSize
o PBMHipsCrest
o PBMHipsSize
o PBMInhale
o PBMLatsSize
o PBMLineaAlba
o PBMLineaAlbaCrease
o PBMLineaAlbaGone
o PBMNavelHeight
o PBMNavelOutie
o PBMNavelSize
o PBMNavelVertical
o PBMNeckThin
o PBMNipples
o PBMNipplesBig
o PBMNipplesHeight
o PBMPants
o PBMPregnant
o PBMShinsThickness
o PBMShouldersThickness
o PBMSpandexChest
o PBMSternumDwn
o PBMSternumWidth
o PBMStomachDepth
o PBMThighsThickness
o PBMThighsTone
o PBMTorsoThickness
o PBMTrapsSize
o PBMTummyOut
o PBMWaistWidth
o SCLLegsLength
* Style & Fit Morphs:
o ChestFolds
o ElbowBendFoldsL
o ElbowBendFoldsR
o FrontSeam
o GroinCrease
o HideHipSeam
o HideInsideSeam
o HideLowerSeams
o HideUpperSeams
o LoosenCrotch
o LoosenElbowL
o LoosenElbowR
o LoosenFrtPitL
o LoosenFrtPitR
o LoosenGlutes
o LoosenHipThigh
o LoosenKneeL
o KneeBendFoldsL
o KneeBendFoldsR
o LoosenKneeR
o LoosenPitL
o LoosenPitR
o LoosenShldr
o LoosenWaist
o Shirt
o ShldrFoldL
o ShldrFoldR
o SideCreaseL
o SideCreaseR
o ThighBackFoldsL
o ThighBackFoldsR

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