Vassily Buslayev

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Vassily Buslayev

The film is based on Sergei Narovchatov’s poem. Vassily Buslayev is an epic Russian hero who rose to defend the freedom and independence of his people. The strength and power of this son of a Novgorod governor, his friendship with simple folk enraged and scared the rich, fat merchants of the city. When they learned that the young man was setting out on a march to save his native land from the enemy, they couldn’t be more happy: how could he defeat a foe so mighty! But Vassily overcomes all intrigues and brings his expedition to a victorious end. He returns home a hero, and not alone but with a sweetheart. When a threat of enemy invasion again looms over Novgorod, people come and beg Vassily to defend their native land.

This fantastic drama is based on the epic Russian poem of the same name by Sergei Narovchatov:

Ruslay lived and didn't grow old,
Having lived, Buslay passed away.
Buslay's dear child remained,
His dear beloved child,
The young Vasily Buslayevich.
Vasily started going out on the street,
His jokes were no laughing matter:
He'd grab someone's arm - the arm would come off
He'd grab someone's leg - the leg would come off,
And whoever he struck on the back,
That one would stoop when he walked.
And the men of Novgorod spoke:
"Hail to you, Vasily Buslayyevich!
With your young man's boldness
You'll make the Volkhov River turn sour."
Vasily went out into the wide streets,
He came home cheerless and joyless,
And his devoted mother met him,
The honorable widow, Avdotya Vasilyevna:
"Hail to you, my dear child,
My dear beloved child,
Young Vasily Buslayyevich!
Why are you coming home so cheerless and so joyless?
Did someone on the street insult you?"
"No one on the street insulted me.
When I grab someone by the arm - the arm comes off,
When I grab someone by the leg - the leg comes off
And whoever I strike on the back,
That one will stoop when he walks.
And the men of Novgorod said
That with my young man's boldness
I'd make the Volkhov River turn sour."
And the mother spoke these words:
"Hail to you, Vasily Buslayyevich!
Choose a brave druzhina for yourself,
So that no one in Novgorod will insult you."


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"This film is dubbed into English"