Virtual Pose

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Virtual Pose:

For artists looking for an anatomically correct resource and don't have access to a live model, this set will be invaluable. Similar in spirit to Eadweard Muybridge's 19th-century classic The Human Figure in Motion, the work by digital artist Chakkour features both male and female poses sans clothing.

Quotation: "Virtual Pose is certainly a helpful tool for any artist working with the human figure; however, it is particularly suited for developing artists learning to render the human figure and an invaluable teaching supplement for instructors and their students in any human figure course. I only wish something like this was available throughout the many years this reviewer studied fine art and the human figure. I cannot help but believe that this multimedia package would have made a fine companion to the classic standard among artists "Anatomy for the Artist." It is certainly my hope that this innovative multimedia package is only the first in a series. Virtual Pose is without a doubt a wonderful tool for a developing artist of any skill level who would wish to render and study the human form."

Unpack rar file, open folder and double-click on the icon "VirtualPose.exe".