Web Comics - 5th Wave Collection

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Web Comics - 5th Wave Collection

Web Comics - 5th Wave Collection

5th Wave Collection By Rich Tennant

Artist : Rich Tennant | Format :GIF , JPG | Size : 4.2 MB

The 5th Wave is a weekly comic strip by Rich Tennant, shown on Sundays. Started in 1981, the comic usually deals with computers and technology. Tenant's cartoons regularly appear in the …For Dummies book series, as well as PC Magazine and Computerworld, a magazine that he worked for from 1987-1999. The comics themselves have no continuity. There are no recurring characters, and story lines do not continue into the next week.

The name of the comic comes from the book Future Shock by Alan Toffler. In this book, societies are listed in waves, e.g. the Agricultural Age is The First Wave, the Industrial Age is The Second Wave, and the Information Age is The Third Wave. Tenant wanted to call his comic The Fourth Wave, but his editor told him that The Fifth Wave sounded better

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