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wondertouch Professional Emitter Libraries

This library includes very creative, organic, and beautiful emitters useful in composing backgrounds and adding graphics elements. Most of these emitters involve flowing, wavy, colorful designs that change over a very long period of time. (Created by Phalkunabba Rath)

Logo and Text
In this library, "logo emitters" - some of the most asked-about emitters available for particleIllusion - feature text or a logo that rotates, streams, converges, etc. Note that changing the text requires simple use of a paint application, as there is no text generator in particleIllusion. (Created by Phalkanubba Rath)

Artistic Backgrounds
This library features a wide variety of animated background emitters, covering a range of styles from slow and subtle to wild and wavy which can be used alone or combined for added variety. (Created by Sasha Milica)

Graphics and Distortions
This library shows off the diversity of effects possibilities using particleIllusion and contains "graphics" elements and amazing examples of "distortions" - effects meant to be used on background footage. (Created by Sasha Milica)

Eclectic 01
This library showcases a fantastic collection of real-world effects: fireballs, explosions, and smokes; "space" effects including wormholes and cosmic phenomena; and a few "graphics arts" style emitters that utilize numbers and simple shapes in very complex ways. (Created by Tom Granberg)

Eclectic 02
This is the second library collection of realistic and useful effects including dirt, falling debris, breaking glass, clouds, auroras, and frosts. (Created by Tom Granberg)