1602: New World (Vol 1 No 2-5)

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1602: New World (Vol 1 No 2-5)

1602: New World (Vol 1 No 2-5)
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1602: New World is the name of the Marvel Comics limited series that is the sequel to 1602. It takes place after the original series left off, with the heroes discovering and settling down in America. The series is written by Greg Pak and illustrated by Greg Tocchini. The first issue came out in August, 2005. The comic introduces a handful of "new" Marvel characters. Masters David Banner and Peter Parquagh were introduced in the original 1602, but their powers had not yet developed. In the New World, the loose ends are being tied together. There are many different storytelling techniques used in the original 1602 that are discarded; among them are the symbolic use of Ribbons, and the fact that, unlike the original, we see Virginia tranforming into a wolf.

Lord Iron (Iron Man) is sent by King James to the Roanoke colony to locate David Banner, who is now classed a traitor. Banner is struggling with the beast within (The Hulk) as well as the beasts without, as Roanoke colony is overrun by the "Thunder Lizards". Peter Parquagh is discovering his capability, both as a writer for the town broadsheet (aptly named "The Daily Trumpet", run by the "lovable" Jonah Jameson), as well as a few spider-like abilities. Virginia Dare, as ever, regrets her abilities. The colony itself is not only continuing to deal with the issues of the "Witchbreed", but also the conflict created by co-existing with the native Roanoke colony, Mr. Osborne being often at the scenes of the worst English-Native situations.


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