2DArtist Magazine - Issue 011 November 2006 - highres

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2DArtist Magazine - Issue 011 November 2006 - highres

To Issue 11. This month we begin to take a look at the wide world of 2D digital art. Although the idea of being a mate painter or a concept artist on a major feature film appeals to most of us, there is a much braoder range of jobs in which your 2D skills can be put to use and also be used to make a living from. In a series we are callnig ‘Real 2D Jobs’, we are going to talk to artists who have careers in other jobs outside the realms of concept art and matte painting. This month we talk to Comic book artist Matthew Haley. Some of you will alreadt be aware of Matthew as he has worked with the ikes of Stan Lee,John Buscema, Steve Ditko, John Romita Sr., and the King of Comics, Jack Kirby and has worked on priojects involving Superman Returns and ‘Who wants to be a Superhero’. He tells us his insights into the world of the comic book artist.

Artist Interviews
Concept artist and 2DArtist regular Tomáš Müller and Freelance artist Seung Ho Henrik Holmberg both talk to us and showcase someof their amazing work.

The Pitfalls of being a Self-employed creative are brought to our attention by Kirsten Fischer, who has written a book about the sometimes impossible world of freelancing, and we caught up with the legendary Team17 about their ecent Lemmings conversion to PSP with some of the early concept art thrown in!

The importance of Reference images and building a 2D picture from scratch are lessons learnt in two of this months tutorials ‘Collar of magic pearls’ by David Revoy and ‘I’m willing’ by Alon Chou. The Making of ‘Wizard’ by Daniel Vijoi, ‘Lioness’ by Sasha Podgorny and ‘Rocky Rock’ by Raluca Iosifescu complete this months learning.

Some more fantastic work featured this month by Hoang Nguyen, Daniel Kvasznicza, Melanie Delon, Abrar Ajmal, rishikesh nandlaskar, Erich Schreiner, Robin Chyo, Balaji Santhanam, Michael van den Bosch & Alon Chou.



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