BBC History UK - Christmas 2010

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BBC History UK - Christmas 2010

BBC History UK - Christmas 2010
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The Boston Tea Party
Benjamin Carp reveals how the Americans’ famous act of civil disobedience against British colonialism has inspired political movements of all kinds over the past 200 years.

Life on the Edwardian Farm
Jonathan Wright discovers how day-to-day life in the Edwardian era was a far cry from the traditional view of stately homes and happy yeomen.

The virgin queen?
Did Catherine of Aragon really have sex with Henry VIII’s brother? Giles Tremlett takes a closer look.

The man who saved France
Jonathan Spangler relates the story of Henry IV, the king who gave up his religion to unite his country.

A very bleak midwinter
Fiona Read examines the celebration of Christmas in Second World War Displaced Persons camps.

Convicts and colonisers
Thomas Keneally turns his attention to the early history of Australia.

The first free schools
Nicholas Orme compares the recent government-proposed ‘free schools’ with their 14th-century counterparts.

Life in the workhouse
Find out how Christmas was celebrated in the workhouse and what conditions were really like for inmates.

Henry VIII in films
Mark Glancy takes a look at three films about the iconic Henry VIII.