FHM India – April 2013 (Repost)

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FHM India – April 2013 (Repost)

FHM India – April 2013
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Every year when we sit down to make the April issue, we have the same conversation - let's do an April Fool's special. Predictably, bat-shit useless suggestions like 'Let's put a donkey on a false cover and call it an 'Ass Special' and the main cover inside' and Let's print the whole magazine upside down to just screw with people's heads' are thrown around.

This time, half way through the edit-planning meeting, the liquor wore off and good sense prevailed. You anyway have enough people screwing with your heads. So we continue to do our April issue without any mention of April Fools' Day - apart from this note. But then as we have established over a period of three years - reading this space is something you have never been accused off. In fact, at least four times, I have toyed with the idea of publishing the issue with last issue's note, just to see if you notice, but abandoned the idea.

What we did instead was to look at this issue upside down, from your perspective. IPL is starting, players have changed as many teams as Kalyan Singh has changed political parties. So we spent one week making an opener for our IPL 6 roundup that is just what you need for beer-time conversation. The icing on the cake - Karishrna Kotak, the girl from Bigg Boss who will be pirouetting and puckering up to host IPL 6.

Since good Indian women still don't talk about sex, well, at least not in lad's magazines, we've hunted down some British girls who aren't quite that prudish to spill the biggest bedroom secrets EVER. Then there is the Big Profile - the original bad guy of Wrestling - the one, the only, the man who made synchronised flicks and beer interchangeable - the man who was our hero long before World Wildlife Federation had a cow about World Wrestling Federation - Stone Cold Steve Austin.

As a part of our constant efforts to get you to get off your ass - we've tried to figure out the best treks in India and everything you need to go on them. Whether you climb hills with the swiftness of a mountain goat or haven't walked up a slope in your life, there will be something in there for you.

We haven't left out the lazy one-s either - there is your usual dosage of video games - Hitman 3, Bioshock and a review of the PS3-Slim. Looking for a new phone? We've been taking our sim-cards out of one handset and shoving them into others just so you know how bad the BBZIO is. Why HTC is launching a phone called Butterfly, What's the buzz of the Windows-driven Nokia 920, and whether the Sony Xperia that Katrina Kaif is selling is worth the buck.

Confused about buying denims or did the last watch you buy off the Internet turn out to be fake? Fear not! Our shopping pages will answer your regular conundrums and throw up some more. In food, as a part of the slowest culinary education ever - there's a guide to making the ultimate quesadillas - a food none of us in the team can pronounce.

Speaking of an exotic dish, the girls are a special treat this issue - there's Minnie Gupta, an Indian born-Atnerican blogger who looks hotter than her words; Girl Next Door Serena Saxena who shows off a nautical bikini; and Sandeepa Dhat; the hottie who was all but edited out of Dabanng2. Enjoy the issue. And don't forget to drink up.

- Kabeer Sharma


FHM India – April 2013 (Repost)

FHM India – April 2013 (Repost)

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