Health Vision - May 2018

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Health Vision - May 2018

Health Vision - May 2018
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Tobacco and Heart Disease 7
Darwin’s theory Dashavatar 10
Oh! Woman maintain the energy –
Ayurveda welcomes you 14
Periodontal health and women 17
Health Thoughts in this hot Summer May 21
Role of Dhoopa (Fumes / Incense) in the Hindu
religious pooja and Health Protection 23
Stomach Or Gastric Cancer:
Causes, symptoms, risk factors and treatments 26
Cold Laser Therapy For Chronic Conditions 27
Pneumonia 31
Geopathic stress and our Health protection 32
De-stress the stress! 35
How to build a Healthy Immune
system in your child? 37
5 ways to manage PCOS with Ayurveda 39
Building Children’s Connectiveness
to Nurture Their Emotional Well-Being 40
Muthoot Pappachan Foundation gives
1500+ Kids a reason to smile 42
The Darker-Side of Social Media 43
M U D R A S 44
Vitamin K – Koagulation vitamin 48
What is heart attack? 49
Corporal attitude problem 52
Housewives in Present Era:
A New Way To Social Health 53
No more Endometriosis 54
Joint Pain and natural remedy
through Aroma Oils 57
Technology solution for
rising allergic diseases 60

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