Avengers Annual #14

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Avengers Annual #14

Avengers Annual #14 | Published 1985
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"Fifth Column"

By Roger Stern, John Byrne and Kyle Baker.

While tracking the space pirate Nebula, the Avengers become embroiled in an internal conflict within the alien Skrull empire, a conflict that results in the Skrull race being stripped of their shape-shifting powers.

Avengers Assembled: Wasp, Captain America, Hercules, Black Knight III, Captain Marvel II, Starfox, Mister Fantastic (as non-member ally), Invisible Woman (as non-member ally), She-Hulk (as Fantastic Four member).

Other Characters: Raksor, Prince Dezan, General Zedrao, Firelord, Floyd Donahue, Zabyk, Human Torch II, Myrn.