Avengers Annual #20

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Avengers Annual #20

Avengers Annual #20 | Published 1991
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"Of Moles and Mutates"

By Roy & Dann Thomas, Kevin West and Fred Fredericks.

When a small army of Subterranean humanoids come above ground and go on a rampage on Broadway, the Avengers drive them back underground and go underground themselves to investigate, learning that the Subterraneans were actually fleeing a hostile Deviant-Mutate army devoted to confiscating stolen Deviant technology from the Subterranean civilizations. The Avengers agree to help the Subterranean tyrants defend themselves, but are captured by Brutus in the ensuing battle.

Avengers Assembled: Captain America, Hercules, Vision II, Black Widow II, She-Hulk, Quasar III, Sersi, Rage, Sandman.

Other Characters: Lava Men, Moloids, Tyrranoids, Tyrannus, Mole Man, Grotesk, Kala, Brutus.

Note: This story is the first chapter of "Subterranean Wars", a crossover storyline running through several 1991 Marvel annuals and concluding in Avengers West Coast Annual # 6. .