Avengers Annual #21

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Avengers Annual #21

Avengers Annual #21 | Published 1992
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"Kang's World"

By Mark Gruenwald, Herb Trimpe, Charles Barnett & Brad Vancata.

The Avengers are captured by their old foe Kang in his kingdom, Chronopolis, but escape while Kang battles his rival and estranged lover, Ravonna then Terminatrix. The Avengers attack Kang and Ravonna, and Kang pushes Ravonna to safety, sustaining a fatal hit from Thorís hammer in the process. Ravonna then takes over Kangís kingdom in his stead, keeping Kang himself in suspended animation while she seeks a means of reviving him.

Avengers Assembled: Captain America, Hercules, Vision II, Black Knight III, Thing (as member of Fantastic Four), Doctor Druid, Mister Fantastic (as member of Fantastic Four), Invisible Woman (as member of Fantastic Four), Sersi, Crystal, Thor II.

Other Characters: Human Torch II, Anachronauts (Sssith, Apocryphus, Deathunt 9000, Sir Raston, Tyndar the Trojan, Raa, Wildrun the Red Wolf), Terminatrix, Kang.

Note: This story is the concluding chapter of the "Citizen Kang" storyline running through several 1992 Marvel annuals. The subsequent Avengers: The Terminatrix Objective limited series was a sequel of sorts to this storyline.