Digital Camera World (UK Magazine) - December 2005

Posted By: Kilroy

Digital Camera World (UK Magazine) - December 2005

This is my first attempt at posting and at ripping a zinio magazine to pdf. Hope everything is ok (especially the quality).

If all is OK November 2005 will follow.

The latest issue of Digital Camera Magazine has just hit the shelves - you'll find it hard not to be drawn to the cover…

This month, we enter the world of macro photography. Spending time capturing the world in close up can have a seriously good influence on the rest of your photography. It slows you down, emphasises the impact that getting in close (and closer still) can bring to your shots and magnifies the importance of focusing your lens in the right place. It's also a great opportunity to explore a world that many people miss, or reveal familiar objects in eye-opening detail.

This issue gives you plenty of advice and ideas for making the most of the macro opportunities this time of year brings. Frost, leaves, natural patterns, pets and flowers - we've got all the inspiration you need to help you find and shoot fantastic photographs, both outdoors and in your home (there's even a couple of practical photo projects to get you started).

Also this issue: mastering Photoshop's High Dynamic Range command, your pictures problems solved in Photo Clinic, National Geographic legend David Alan Harvey on his switch to digital, reviews of Panasonic's blindingly good 8MP super zoom and the Konica Minolta Dynax 5D (see how it compares to the Pentax *ist DL), plus England cricket hero Andrew Strauss on mobile phone photography (really).