Digital Photo Magazine July 2007 - The Companion disc

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Digital Photo Magazine July 2007 - The Companion disc

Digital Photo Magazine July 2007 - The Companion disc | 305 MB

top tips on improving your holiday shots in Photoshop and the chance to show them off in one of our holiday journal templates. You can also learn all about the Diffuse Glow filter, Calculations, Type tool effects and – in a special photo-skills video lesson – how to take amazing infrared images.

Video lessons
Jon Adams video lessons
■ Jon Adams uses Calculations in Photoshop
to convert to mono.
■ Jon takes an everyday shot and turns it into
art with Curves.
Kingsley Singleton video lessons
■ Kingsley Singleton creates a holiday journal
using Photoshop and the free templates on
this CD.
■ Kingsley reveals how to recompose an
image using the Grid and Transform in
■ Kingsley demonstrates how to type in a
circle using Paths.
■ Kingsley shows how to convert your first
RAW in Adobe software.
Matt Gallagher video lessons
■ Mat Gallagher reveals the quick-and-easy
fixes you need to get your holiday pics
looking their best.
Phil Hall video lessons
■ Phil Hall explains how to use the Diffuse
Glow filter successfully.
Gavin Hoey video lessons
■ Gavin Hoey shows how to shoot real
infrared pictures on a digital camera in this
live-action video.
■ In two separate videos, Gavin unveils a
top-quality presentation technique using
Elements and Paint Shop Pro software.
Free! Journal Templates
15 exclusively designed templates to present your
pics in a classy way.
Start images
■ All the pictures used by our experts to create this
month’s images are included on the CD, so you can
try the techniques for yourself!
CD Gallery
■ See what Digital Photo readers have been up to!