Draw! Magazine Nr. 11

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Draw! Magazine Nr. 11

Draw! Magazine Nr. 11
Summer 2005 | 96 Pages with Color Section | 74 mb

From Nexus to The Moth, multiple Eisner Award winner Steve Rude’s skill and powerful draftsmanship have made him one of the “artist’s artists” for almost two decades, and in Draw! #11 editor Mike Manley gets “The Dude” to discuss and illustrate his approach to the craft of comics, drawing and the mystery of The Moth! Also, from the heyday of the web cartoon, Roque Ballesteros has been in the forefront of Flash animation with his award-winning flash cartoon Joe Paradise. Having survived the burst of the dot-coms, and with his new studio partners Ghostbot, Ballesteros continues to be one of the leaders in Flash animation, from Happy Tree Friends and rock videos to commercials. Draw! holds an artistic seance with Ballesteros to reveal the inner world of Ghostbot! Plus, Jim Borgman is a Pulitzer Prize-winning political cartoonist and a Reuben Award winner for his daily comic strip Zits which chronicles the life of 15-year-old Jeremy Duncan. Draw! interviewer Jammar Nicholas catches up with the busy cartoonist for a revealing interview and a look at how he works! All this, and Draw!’s regular instructors Bret Blevins, Alberto Ruiz and more!!

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