Dungeons and Dragons Encyclopaedia. Arcane Battle Magic

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Dungeons.and.Dragons.Encyclopaedia.Arcane.Battle.Magic | PDF | ISBN 1-903980-21-6 | 68 pages | 12.3MB

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Where other mages reach for their light spell to illuminate a dark hallway, you are inclined to just light the whole place up with a flaming sphere. It is not like you are going to negotiate with anything that lives down here anyway, right? And what kind of sissy uses a charm spell when an empowered lightning bolt will get the job done quicker and with less need to kiss the local militia's tail. You are a battle mage, and you are never going to understand those who use magic for anything but blowing their enemies straight back to hell.

This volume of the Encyclopaedia Arcane focuses on the dreaded Battle Mages and their penchant for destruction and mayhem. No subtlety, no clever manipulations, just big, big explosions and buckets of blood. For every player who believes the highest purpose of magic is to make things go boom, this book brings the goods.

A Guide to Carnage:
This chapter spells out the truth most wizards know but are too afraid to admit - magic is most fun when you are killing things, lots of things.

To Gird for Battle:
Meet the greatest threats ever to stalk the battlefields of fantasy. The Battle Mage studies spells of massive destruction, pulsing waves of fire that set entire battalions to screaming and running like schoolgirls. And when you are ready for a little guerrilla warfare, just call up the Eldritch Warrior - a magical close combat specialist.

The Library:
Page after page of new spells focusing on destruction. Learn the secrets of the elemental rupture spells and how to direct a lava wyrm toward your foes.

The Armoury:
The right tool for the job is a must, and this chapter delivers a selection of the finest devices for laying waste to those who oppose you.

Blood and Guts:
All of the magical ordnance in the world will not save you if you do not know what to do with it. This chapter discusses the uses for magic on the battlefield. Whether you are about to engage in a pitched battle between armies or a tunnel-fighting extravaganza with your local orc tribes, these tips will help you to live a little longer.

Battle Guilds:
Research is expensive and fighting is dangerous. These simple facts of life lead intelligent battle mages to join a Battle Guild, where research expenses are subsidised and there is always someone to watch your back.

Feats of Battle:
No guidebook to Battle Magic would be complete without a selection of feats to choose from. Do not hit the dungeon without 'em.

Help for the Games Master:
Secrets to help even the odds, and a few tricks that Games Masters will find useful when dealing with combat monsters.