Fantastic Four - House of M (comics book)

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Fantastic Four - House of M
Comics Book - All 3 Issues

The time is now. The place, the MARVEL universe, but it is not how it should be. After the events of House of M #1, the MARVEL universe as we know it has been changed. Doctor Doom leads his Fearsome Four on a mission to settle a dispute with the rouge Mole Man. Leading the Inhuman Torch, the Invincible Woman, and the It, Doom is victorious against the Mole King. The team returns to Latveria after accomplishing their mission and is greeted with a parade in their honor. Later, Doom handles affairs of state and visits his mother. She subtly reminds him that he is a pawn of the House of M. Doom is also reminded of the Mole Man's taunting last words. A message from Quicksilver summons Doom to Genosha for a meeting with Magneto. The summons is not a request. Doom promptly arrives but is delayed by a slight altercation with the palace guards. Magneto finally greets Doom and the two speak in private. There Magneto reminds Doom that while he is certainly honored among men, he is still not a mutant. Outside, Doom releases his outrage on the It proclaims that he can no longer suffer being underneath the foot of a mutant regime. He declares that the House of M will fall and in its place a House of Doom will rise.

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