Foreign Policy--Ноябрь-Декабрь 2005

Posted By: Hovhannes

Свежий номер Foreign Policy (Nov-Dec. 2005)

В принципе весь номер интересный.

Пара самых занимательных на мой взгляд статей:

Inside the Ivory Tower
Take a look inside America’s top colleges and universities, where professors of international relations are molding the next generation of scholars and policymakers. A new survey of the field reveals the most influential scholars, the top schools, and what these professors really think about politics, trade, and the Iraq war.

The Mayor of Ar Rutbah
With just $3,000 and 14 days, a company of U.S. Special Forces achieved what others have not: a functioning democracy inside Iraq. How? By relying on common sense, the trust of Iraqis, and lessons from Political Science 101. Now, their commander reveals the gritty reality about nation-building in Iraq.