Fruits Magazine Issue Number 2 -Japanese Street Fashion

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Fruits Issue Number 2 | Street Henshu-shitsu | 1997 Year | PDF | ~9 Mb | 41 Pages

"Thanks to his book FRUITS (more than 100,000 copies sold worldwide), Shoichi Aoki’s street magazine Fruits is now better known abroad than in Japan. The magazine with an almost cult-like following in Japan has been documenting Tokyo street fashion since 1996."

"Aoki first started documenting street fashion in London in the mid 80’s. “I taught myself how to take photographs from books. At the time Japanese fashion wasn’t free at all. The normal street fashion in the UK was free and really cool.” Inspired by the free street fashion of London the young Aoki decided he wanted to do something about Japanese staleness. “In Japan there was not a single magazine that showed the London style of street fashion. I figured that if I would introduce that kind of fashion to Japan things would change. I also saw the clothes as art and I wanted to preserve a record of this ‘street art’.”

To show the Japanese kids this ‘free street art’ of London, Aoki started Street magazine in 1985. It sold well and introduced the street fashion idea to tens of thousands of Japanese teenagers."

"In the early to mid 90’s things were beginning to change in Japan. The Harajuku area in Tokyo had its main thoroughfare closed off on Sundays and this was attracting more and more bands and show offs. The ‘pedestrian heaven’ (hokoten) as it was called became a laboratory and incubation center for new trends in music and fashion. “In Japan everybody had always dressed the same. Whatever was popular was worn by everyone. Everybody would wear Comme des Garçons or Ivy or whatever brand was ‘in’. But suddenly Harajuku became free. People started to feel that it was cool to coordinate your own clothes. Harajuku fashion became really interesting and fun. [...] To record this creative explosion of fashion, Aoki started up a second magazine, Fruits. Fruits almost exclusively focused on these wild Harajuku trends."

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