Hot English Magazine №9, 2005

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Hot English Magazine №9, 2005

Hot English Magazine №9
Hot English Magazine | 34 Pages | 200 dpi PDF + Audio CD | 59.03 MB

Молодежный журнал на английском языке для изучающих этот язык.

На этот раз австралийская тема. Вас ждут наши постоянные рубрики: идиомы, сленг, смешные истории от носителей языка, страничка грамматики, фразовые глаголы, новости, юмор, бизнес диалоги и многое другое…

Hot English goes "Down Under" in its ninth magazine, taking a closer look at kangaroos, the mystery of Ayer's Rock and "Aussie Rules Football" in this Australian Special. There's a special section on Australian Slang, famous Australians and the Amazing World page features Australia's biggest and most famous city - Sydney. This month's featured film is the controversial "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" and the article "Beach Bums" tells you everything you need to know about Australian beach characters - from the arrogant Surfer Dude to soppy, cuddling couples.
The CD this month gives you the opportunity to listen to all that incomprehensible Australian slang, as well as our monthly Dictionary of (English) Slang, all new "Dr Fingers' Pronunciation Course and much, much more. The Hot Song this month is "A Hundred Miles Away" by German band "When Yellow Jumps Twice" and as usual, you can find the lyrics to the song in the magazine.


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