Jesus Meets The Armed Services - Rip Off Press 1972

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Jesus Meets The Armed Services | Jul 1972 (3rd Edition) Rip Off Press

During "Jesus Meets the Armed Services," Jesus is walking along minding his business when a couple of MPs drag him into their jeep and drive him down to police headquarters yelling, "A-ha! We got us a deserter traveling incognito." Jesus points to his halo and tells the sergeant, "Maybe this will tell you who I am." The sergeant replies, "Mr. Wizard? Who'd of ever thot you'd drop out?" He makes Jesus go upstairs to register for the draft, after which he's sent off to Chattanooga to take his tests to join the Army. Finally Jesus gets tired of being pushed around and zaps his tormentors. Stack's is a devastating political and social satire of the military.
02 - A Giant Leap Forward
03 - Jesus Meets The Armed Services
12 - The Case Book of Doctor Feelgood
16 - The Chancellor
21 - More From The Casebook of Doctor Feelgood
28 - Jesus and the Man Possessed By Demons
Frank Stack (aka: "Foolbert Sturgeon") - 1-26, 28
Gilbert Shelton - 27, ad.


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