Mad Magazine Collection No.221-230

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Mad Magazine Collection No.221-230

MAD Magazine
No. 221-230

Mad is an American humor magazine founded by publisher William Gaines and editor Harvey Kurtzman in 1952. Offering satire on all aspects of American pop culture, the monthly publication deflates stuffed shirts and pokes fun at common foibles. It is the last surviving title from the notorious and critically acclaimed EC Comics line.

we're finally entering the 1980's - now these MADs I remember! and probably so do most of you.

I want to thank those who are helping in filling the missing editions – John10000 & mfcorrea
and sending links to other MAD collectibles like music Records (which will be posted soon) – Chepa

Just to give a heads-up, I have editions up to No.457 [09.2005] with a few missing in between…

if you want to check the covers before downloading: 10.06 MB
No.222 [04.1981] MISSING 10.47 MB
No.224 [07.1981] MISSING 10.47 MB 10.91 MB 10.55 MB 10.62 MB 9.53 MB
No.230 [04.1982] MISSING

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