Mad Magazine Fills Part 1

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Mad Magazine Fills Part 1

Mad Magazine Fills Part 1
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About 1 1/2 months ago Acadie & Bukkakeuser were uploading Mad , we thank them for what they gave us . Rumour has it , that Alfred E Newman , got wind of their actions , and got in touch with the Aliens from Zercon in issue 266 ,and ordered their removal to planet Expot issue 312 . The last report we have of Acadie & Bukkakeuser, was that they were walking their pet ducks , out for their midnite stroll . Neighbours reported hearing a loud foghorn blaring and strange flashing lights. The next day neither the ducks nor Acadie & Bukkakeuse were heard of again .
I really feel bad for the ducks .
The Bulgarian Variety Magazine "PeePee " carried a 32 page exclusive , this almost incited a riot in the town of Butindance, where both guys originated from .
Well , last weekend while shopping in the Walmart Supercenter in Spudsy Idaho , I felt this weird sensation to be drawn to the frozen food section . When I glanced into the poultry case , I swear I could make out the image of Acadie in a frozen duck that was on sale . I immediately pulled out the cell and dialed , no not for 911 , but the National Enquirer . While waiting for them to arrive , 2 men in black suits with tails flashing some kind of official ID , confiscated the duck , and told me to take a hike .
I hear the frozen duck was wisked on to Antartica , and is now being worshipped by some obscure Penquin tribe as their 23rd coming .
Now on the way home , after stopping in the local watering hole , drowning my sorrows for being robbed of fame and fortune . I saw a vision on the highway , that spoke to me , all it said was "finish the downloads " . I think it was a spirit , it could have been a cow , just not sure .
So I figure, I will try and finish what Acadie & Bukkakeuser started .But if you do not hear from me after this post , the Aliens will have gotten me …..

BTW - I have read , that the story of Acadie & Bukkakeuser is going to be included in one of next year"s TV episodes of "LOST"

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Mad Magazine Fills Part 1

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Mad Magazine Fills Part 1