Michael Moorcock's Multiverse first 7 issues

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Michael Moorcock's Multiverse first 7 issues

Michael Moorcock's Multiverse first 7 issues
Seven Induvidual Files | CBR Format

Michael Moorcock is well know for his ability to recycle his characters and concepts into a variety of forms. His graphic novel, Michael Moorcock's Multiverse, is confirmation of this ability. Originally published as a series of three tales in the magazine of the same name, this graphic novel weaves these disparate threads together well.

"Moonbeams and Roses" follows the adventures of Rose, who originally appeared in the novel The Revenge of the Rose (1991) and Sam Oakenhurst, hero of Blood (1995) and subsequent novels. "The Metatemporal Detective" portrays Sir Seaton Begg of Moorcock's ubiquitous Begg/Beq/von Bek family as a 30s era detective in the Sherlock Holmes vein. Finally, "Duke Elric" transports Moorcock's most famous creation, the albino Melnibonéan emperor Elric, to Europe at the turn of the first millennium. All of this is framed by the story of a friendly evening of gambling between Jack Karaquazian (Blood, etc.) and Moorcock, himself.