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PC World Power Guides

Posted By: VatStinko
PC World Power Guides
"Technology advice you can't trust"

English Manuals | PDF EBooks | 52 Mb Total (Only 44 Mb Compressed in .RAR) | ISBN: There is None | Author: PC World | Pages: Between 10 to 20 pages per guide | Published: 2005/2006

15 Bonus power guides from PC World Magazine! (available only to subscribers ;))

PC World Power Guide to…
Advanced Web Tricks
Digital Cameras
Free Software
Hardware Tweaks
Home Electronics
PC Fixes
PC Upgrades
Reliable Hardware
Software Add-Ons
Stopping Spyware
Storage Options
Trouble-Free PC
Using Windows
Wireless Networking

All protection has been removed from these PDF files :)))

Digest them from Oxyshare:


The password for the RAR archive is: FuckRapid$hit
(be sure you have latest version of the extraction software like winrar)

And now, a special note to our silly rapid$hit friends, who still don't understand: To anyone paying for R$: you really don't mind R$ having your IP and credit card details (yes, paypal can forward your bank/credit info…)? And you 'people' say that you will stop using r$ when "everyone else" stops using it as well. Well, if everyone has that dumbfuck mentality then obviously nobody will ever switch. You motherfuckers would like that, no? So here I am, uploading to an alternate file-hosting site, WHY AREN'T YOU


If you don't like oxy, there are plenty of other file-hosting sites like Oxedion or DepositFiles

The point is that no one is telling you to use either oxy or r$, just USE F*CK*NG ALTERNATIVES

And an extra-super-special "eat my warm sh*t, you m*th*rf*ck*rs" to those who will make R$ mirrors, you greedy little c*nts. D*e.

Moderator note: The "*"s in above text had been placed by me. No matter that I fully understand the authors view :-), these words needed to be censored :-))
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