php | architect => January 2006

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PHP | Architect January-2006


In this issue:

- PDFLib’s Block Tool: If you’ve been developing for any length of time, you’ve probably been tasked with to generating PDFs at some point. In this article, an excerpt from Beginning PDF Programming with PHP and PDFlib, Ron Goff discusses the process of combining data from many sources into a single PDF—from installation of the block tool, to creating the blocks in Adobe Acrobat, and then finally working with the blocks via PDFlib.

- Internationalize Your Web Application With Less PHP Code: Internationalization of a web application can be tricky, but it doesn't need to be. Author Carl McDade introduces a simple i18n technique which uses less PHP code, and consists mainly of easy to maintain HTML.

- Security Corner: Email Injection: This month, for the second anniversary of Security Corner, Chris Shiflett takes a look at email injection, a common exploit that targets PHP applications that use the mail() function. You will see a few example email injection attacks and some simple and effective methods of prevention.

- Tips & Tricks: Output Buffering: Output is generally sent from calls to echo or print, or from outside PHP code blocks, and once it’s sent, it’s gone. However, using PHP’s output buffering functionality, it is possible to capture this output and further manipulate it before sending to the client. In this month’s Tips & Tricks, columnist Ben Ramsey shows you why and how to control output with output buffering.

... and many more.

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