PHP | Architect => March-2006

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PHP | Architect => March-2006

In this issue:

DB2 / Zend Core for IBM: Discover the power of DB2 and Zend Core for IBM. Helmut Tessarek, a developer from IBM who actually works on PHP's native DB2 driver, gives an insightful overview of DB2, Zend's product offering, and explains how they can improve your data.

Building Scalable PHP Applications: Building a scalable PHP application requires a lot more than just good coding. In this article, Chris Hartjes takes a look at some of the major concepts that have to be considered when building PHP systems that can meet a surge in demand head-on.

Long Live the Code: Companies of all sizes use PHP widely today. As the PHP codebase grows, maintaining existing code becomes an increasingly important part of a developer’s work. Along the way, major PHP updates like PHP 6 and reusable components like PEAR, eZ components, and the Zend Framework are shaping up. Author Stefan Priebsch explains how you can avoid rewriting your code from scratch and still benefit from these new improvements.

Frameworks: What's the Big Deal?: Prado, Ruby on Rails, .NET, Struts, CakePHP, Zope, Cocoa, Turbine, Drupal, J2EE, the Zend PHP Framework… it seems the development world is just crazy about frameworks these days. What's the big deal? Why is it that web development seems to be moving toward frameworks? Find out in this piece by Darryl Patterson.

Test Pattern: Organizing for Change Change is a fact of life in software development. New columnist Jeff Moore explains how we can apply some of the same principles we used to organize our physical work areas toward organizing our software to adapt to change.

Security Corner: Cross-Site Request Forgery in Action: Of all the modern attacks aimed at the visitor of a website, cross-site request forgery (CSRF) is one of the most interesting, since it allows exploitation without the actual hacking of the website. Security expert Ilia Alshanetsky explains how CSRF uses a seemingly benign web feature to trick and confuse the user into performing the tasks desired by the hacker.

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