Scorpion King Comics 1-2

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Scorpion King Comics 1-2

Scorpion King Comics 1-2

Writer: Scott Allie
Cover Artist: Cliff Richards
Penciller: Cliff Richards
Inker: Will Conrad
Letterer: Pat Brosseau
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Genre: Action/Adventure

Publication Date: Mar 06, 2002
Format: Full color, 32 pages (CBR format)

Prepare yourself for high adventure on the desert sands with The Scorpion King!
It's finally here! The eagerly anticipated prequel to the blockbuster hit film The Mummy Returns is coming soon to theaters and comic-shops everywhere! The Scorpion King, a film guaranteed to be one of the hottest movies of the year, now hits comic book stores with an epic of monumental proportions. This is NOT an adaptation of the film, but the first in a two-issue series that follows the exploits of Mathayus, a young warrior destined to rule one of the mightiest empires on Earth. Destiny will call him the Scorpion King. To save his kingdom from an evil tyrant, Mathayus must recover a mystical book from the cave of an unspeakably horrific monster. This book holds the power to prophesize the future, and with it the power to rule the world!
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