The Economist - Aug 20th 2005 (North America Edition)

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The Economist - Aug 20th 2005 (North America Edition)

Germany's surprising economy
An assassination rocks Sri Lanka
Famine relief
Raising and spending money for health care
Lessons from the 19th-century anarchists

Special Report:
Anarchists and jihadists

Financing British health care
History and children
Public and private security
Shooting to kill
Unboring interest rates
The surprising success of Heathrow's new terminal
The rise of the gangmaster
Brothels and taxes

Germany's election campaign kicks off
Turkey and the Kurds
Poland, Russia and Germany
The media in Spain
Viktor Yushchenko meets Mikhail Saakashvili
The example of Ajaria

United States:
Property rights and eminent domain
Was Laffer right?
Seventy years of Social Security
The property market in Miami
Eyewitness accounts of September 11th
Energy finds in the Rockies

The Americas:
The troubles of Brazil's ruling party
A row over Canada's new governor-general
Canada seeks to strengthen its armed forces
Chile's energy shortage
More gaffes from Peru's accident-prone president

Middle East & Africa:
Giving up in Gaza
Iran plays nuclear hardball
More jaw-jaw in Iraq
Reforming Nigeria's police
Food shortages ease slightly in Niger
Uganda's press comes under attack

China's new authoritarianism
China's media
Japan's opposition pledges sweeping spending cuts
Assassination in Sri Lanka
Peace in Aceh and Papua?

Boom and bust at sea
The strike at British Airways
Time Warner under fire
Undergraduate recruitment
Winning the war on spam
Wireless broadband
Bob Jeffrey, boss of J. Walter Thompson

Special Report:
Germany's economy

Finance and Economics:
The world economy
Japan's cheerful financial markets
Arab investment
Buying stock exchanges
Credit derivatives
Hunger in Niger

Science and Technology:
A radical idea for conservation
AIDS, aid and prostitution
Porn makes you blind
Skin for robots

Books and Arts:
Jewish history
The English scientific revolution
Modern China
Russia's Othello
“Red Eye”
Malian music
Correction: Theodor Herzl

Ibrahim Ferrer, a Cuban musician