Smart Call Manager for Symbian S60 v2 phones OS 7

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Smart Call Manager for Symbian S60 v2 phones  OS 7

Eltima Software Smart Call Manager v5.23.15 | S60v2 | OS7 | 672.695 bytes

Automate the conversations and take full control of your calls! Smart Call Manager for Symbian OS is a comprehensive suite to handle incoming and outgoing calls, log and record each and every conversation, set up and use Answering Machine, create and group your own short text (SMS) and audio messages to automate your calling activities (no built-in Dictaphone is required at all - sounds are recorded using built-in microphone) and lots more. Make your smartphone your all-in-one secretary and reply to incoming calls with only one button!

Smart Call Manager is designed to improve your call handling productivity and effectiveness. Imagine that you are on the business meeting and cannot accept a call directly. With Smart Call Manager it is no longer a problem! You may accept the call and answer it by selecting from pre-recorded audio messages or text messages. Smart Call Manager allows you to create your own groups for sounds and messages, providing the necessary features for small database. When Smart Call Manager is activated you will see a convenient dashboard whenever you have an incoming/outgoing call. This screen lets you easily automate calls handling: reject, accept, callback, reply with predefined SMS or recorded audio message, enable answering machine, record the call, etc.

You may specify the default action to be executed if you don't take the phone for some time: Smart Call Manager will enable answering machine or automatically reject all incoming calls. "My groups" feature lets you process incoming calls from all users in the specific group. For instance, you may create "Black list" group, add users you want access calls from and set "Reject calls" for this group.

If you are always busy meeting your clients or attending various professional conferences and the phone rings in bad moments, get a copy of Smart Call Manager and it will handle all the calls for you and will help you personalize your approach to every caller!

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