Gnomonology - Turntable Animations

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Gnomonology - Turntable Animations

Gnomonology - Turntable.Animations
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The most common way to present a model, to a client, supervisor or on a demo-reel, is to create a turntable animation. This tutorial demonstrates a simple, yet effective, solution for creating dynamic turntables. Utilizing Maya's two-node camera, motion path animation provides a flexible way to move the camera around the model. Precise and cycling rotations are combined with a moving camera, to allow for various views of the model in a single turntable. We begin the tutorial by creating a three-point lightrig using raytraced shadows and Mental Ray.

As promised this is a great tut from Alex Alvarez about :
1) Setting up and rendering Turntables -
2) Rendering from command prompt -
3) Various wireframe renders -