Paragon Drive Copy v8.5.1681 Professional Retail

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Paragon Drive Copy v8.5.1681 Professional Retail

Paragon Drive Copy v8.5.1681 Professional Retail | 61.4 Mb

Paragon Drive Copy is a cutting-edge solution to deploy new hard drive, migrate data and applications online, create bootable backup copy of a hard drive or its partitions. Paragon Drive Copy is based on innovative Hot Copyฎ technology. Due to this technology all your applications remain online during data migration without significant performance delays. Easy to manage and understand interface in Windows XP style, unique One Button Copy Wizard, platform independent Drive Copy CD, automatic transferred partition resizing, wide hardware support (including USB, FireWire hard drives) make Drive Copy an ideal solution for the full spectrum of disk cloning operations.

Basic drive copy / hard disk partitioning operations:
* Create, format and delete partitions
* Hide/unhide partition, set partition active/inactive
* Copy partition of any file system, quick and sector-by-sector modes
* Create a copy of running operating system without interrupting it (Windows� NT, 2000, XP, 2003 only) - HotCopy technology
* Set or change drive letter (Windows NT/2000/XP only)
* Change hard disk partition Label (Volume Label)

Advanced drive copy / hard disk partitioning operations:
* Copy disk to disk
* Copy with resize
* Incremental Hard Disk Copy
* Undelete hard disk partition
* Check File System Integrity
* Change SID
* Change hard disk Partition ID (hard disk partition signature)
* Change hard disk Partition Primary Slot (in Master Boot Record)
* Update MBR (Master Boot Record) with standard code

Safety and Recovery:
* Copy CD with Unique Interface in XP style for copying under Linux
* Power Shield � technology - resuming critical partitioning operations after power failure
* Treating bad sectors - surface test can be optionally used for format, copy, move and resize operations
* Retesting disk surface for partitions with data
* Checks file system integrity
* Automatic gathering of system information and operations logs into one packed file for quick and easy technical support via Log Saver under Linux

Auxiliary utilities:
* Unpack&Burn Wizard - Just three clicks to burn your own Recovery CD