Kelk 2000 ( )

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Kelk 2000 ( )

Kelk 2000 | 8.24MB

The four calligraphy fonts, Naskh, Nastaliq, Thuluth and Shikasta in their current forms, have a history of over 700 years. During past centuries, the masters of calligraphy have perfected these fonts, and have created artworks that are pleasing to the eye. The rules of the combination ligatures in calligraphy are so complicated that it takes years of training and practice for someone to become a master in one of the Islamic calligraphy fonts. The famous calligraphers have a lifetime dedication to this art.

The name of the software, Kelk, is derived from the old Persian word for pen. The main idea behind Kelk is to enable the ordinary people to create outstanding calligraphy artwork with the ability and style of the famous masters of calligraphy.

In Kelk, the possible shapes of a character are not limited to four, and on the average, there are 60 shapes for each character. The calligraphy fonts in Kelk are in easy-to-use Scaleable True Type format. With the use of proper tools in the software one can view and select all possible shapes of a word in one of the calligraphy fonts. The three calligraphy fonts in Kelk are modeled after the styles of the three famous contemporary masters of calligraphy.