Desktop Earth (Dynamic Deskscape for Vista)

Posted By: abbadon23
Desktop Earth (Dynamic Deskscape for Vista)

Desktop Earth for Stardock Deskscapes | 4.4 MB

Desktop Earth is a dynamic Dream from Stardock Design that shows the planet Earth on your desktop, rotating and showing the day/night cycle in real-time.

Either set the globe in motion, slowly spinning on your screen, showing you which part of the world is currently under the shroud of darkness, and which is enjoying its time under the sun.

Alternatively, you can have the view stick to your current location on the planet, and watch day/night slowly approach.

This dream works based on your computer's selected time zone, and current calendar and clock settings.

Note: This .Dream is free to Object Desktop subscribers and can be downloaded via Stardock Central.

In order to properly install this Deskscape is needed to change the system SID, software and instructions are included on the file, or you can also download it from Micr0soft. Remember, it is a Windows Ultimate addon, unless you find the way to use it on non ultimate versions (try Go0gle)