BATMAN - Arkham Asylum

Posted By: akas

Following erdem170's post of Frank Miller's THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS ( ), this is on par with the best comix ever put to paper. Dark & at points...well, INSANE mr.Morrison's take on the Batman saga is widely considered to be on a genre of its own, a "Graphic Novel" light years away from contemporary comics and at the same time using familiar characters to tell a different story (or, more precisely, take a look at the saga from an alltogether different point of view). 'Nuff said !!!!!
File is one big .cbr (~60 MB) in two parts - also included the free viewer (CDisplay ver.1.8, don't know if it's the latest but'll do the job nicely)

Part1: 29.85 MB
Part2: 29.46 MB

Pwd is ARKHAS Turn down the lights and...enjoy??!!!