Pack of 3 HeroCraft Games for UIQ3

Posted By: haigau
Pack of 3 HeroCraft Games for UIQ3

3 Herocraft Games for UIQ3 (SE P990i, M600, W950) | Sis | 2.5 Mb

- HeroCraft Happy Lines v1.1
- HeroCraft Ball Rush Aqua v1.1
- HeroCraft Stolen In 60 Seconds v1.0

We don't call anyone to break the law, we don't instruct how to take away money and we don't give pieces of advice how to grow rich fast… but we present $tolen in $ixty $econds - you've never played such games!

The game Ā«$tolen in $ixty $econdsĀ» by HeroCraft company and V&V becomes gold winner of Samsung Game Development Contest-2007.