Lumiscaphe Patchwork3D (64bit) 5.2r5

Lumiscaphe Patchwork3D (64bit) 5.2r5

Lumiscaphe Patchwork3D (64bit) 5.2r5 | 523.7 mb

Global solution for the creation of 3D images from 3D databases in their native format. Patchwork 3D allows to modify your product designs in real-time with realistic results, enabling easy design reviews and marketing decisions.

Patchwork3D is an intuitive creation process for interactive 3D images. Patchwork3D CAD edition imports your models from a large variety of formats. It embeds the Parasolid geometric engine grom UGS Corp. in order to ensure the best exploitation possible of your CAD data. The real-time interactive 3D rendering of Patchwork3D includes an illumination model made from spherical environments in high dynamic for an optimal quality of images and an intuitive setting of the materials. Patchwork3D's materials simulate real textures and their interaction with light to obtain a striking realism. The very quick computation of very high-definition images and animations enables, with traditionnal communication tools, a direct integration of your graphic elements.

The two modules of Patchwork3D increase your productivity by separating on one hand the import and optimisation of CAD models, nad on the other hand the work on the mapping and presentation of the products. Patchwork3D uses the maximum power of the latest generation of graphic cards as to ensure an interactive display that enjoys smooth fluidity and striking realism. Uses the most common CAD formats to import your 3D data and avoid intermediate stages of file conversion. Accessible by all the services that are involved in marketing, communication, sales and design, Patchwork3D uses the 3D models directly to develop interactive presentations of high visual quality. Patchwork3D enters the digital process very easily and provides a series of easy to use tools so as to make movies and interactive images of very high definition.

About Lumiscaphe

Since 2001 our teams have been inventing innovative hybrid solutions capable of providing answers to specific problems in fields related to 3D imaging.

We now have sound expertise in the design of innovative products in the field of digital aspect mockups and real-time photorealistic 3D rendering.

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Name: Lumiscaphe Patchwork3D
Version: (64bit) 5.2r5
Interface: english
OS: Windows XP / Seven
Size: 523.7 mb

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