Chronos Clock 3.03.11

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Chronos Clock 3.03.11

Chronos Clock 3.03.11 | 6,90 MB

Chronos Clock is a desktop clock capable of displaying multiple international clocks and timers.


* Multiple clocks showing the date and time in different time zones and in a variety of customizable styles and formats on a floating desktop bar.
* A powerful alarm system which displays popup messages, plays Wave, Midi sound files or audio CD's, Spoken alerts using the Speech System or Microsoft Agent, starts up other programs, shuts down your PC.
* Clock bar auto hide feature, letting Chronos fade away when not needed.
* Internet time synchronization with NTP/SNTP servers to ensure your PC’s clock is fully up-to-date.
* Countdown/Event Timers.
* Time announcements and alarm alerts given by the SAPI speech system.
* Use of the Microsoft Agent to optionally speak the time and announce alarms.
* Popup calendar with daily diary notes and reminders.
* Quick reminder system for rapid alarm setup.