ADG Panorama Tools Pro

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ADG Panorama Tools Pro

ADG Panorama Tools Pro | 4 MB

ADG Panorama Tools is a panorama stitching software for Internet publishing, printing and interactive viewing. It automatically combines a series of individual photos so seamlessly that they together form impressive 360-degree panorama composition. Just watching the Auto Stitching process is a lot of fun. The program shows in live action how it connects the images by tilting and sliding them a little. This digital panorama is displayed in a web browser and allows the viewer to scroll through the image. No additional plug-ins required.

No need to learn digital editing or HTML coding! Just use your digital camera, take several pictures around you, load them to ADG Panorama and let it do the rest. ADG Panorama in seconds automatically aligns, stitches these images together to form the panorama and even creates the web page for you.

ADG Panorama Tools Pro contains the following additional features:

* Hotspots GUI for Virtual Tur creation. You can add up to 250 visible or (and) invisible HotSpot-links to each of panoramic composition. You can create custom HotSpot images and control its position, size and transparency individually.
* Command line stitching in batch files and stand-alone applications. You can automate the stitching process by calling ADG Panorama Tools Pro from other application.

Minimum System Requirements

* Intel Pentium (R) - class PC
* Microsoft Windows (R) 95/98/2000/XP/Vista
* Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 SP1, Netscape Communicator 4.0 , Opera, Mozilla Firefox
* Microsoft DirectX 6.0 or higher
* 128 MB of RAM
* 10 MB of available hard drive space
* 3D accelerator recommended for the best performance

ADG Panorama Tools requires DirectX Version 6.0 or better installed. ADG Panorama Tools is distributed within a single self extracting file ADGpanoTools.exe, so simply launch the ADGpanoTools.exe file to start installation. It does not affect any Windows system files, so there is no need to restart your computer after the installation. Use Start/Programs menu or corresponded icon on desktop to launch ADG Panorama Tools.


* Creates 360-degree panoramas
* Automatically aligns images (Auto-stitching)
* Automatically warps images into true cylindrical view
* Automatically blends & corrects colors (Auto-blending & color-matching)
* Automatically corrects brightness along panoramic image
* Automatically corrects contrast of panoramic image
* Automatically calculation of optimal output image resolution
* Automatically lens detection
* Automated panorama embedding into the web page
* Automatically calling of stitching and Web preview
* Adjustment of panoramic image resolution
* Adjustment of panoramic image compresson
* Adjustment of images order and rotation.
* Interactive 3D Editor for photos alignment and lens/tilt adjustment
* Output files format: ADG, QTVR, JPEG
* Source files format: JPEG, TIFF, TARGA, BMP, GIF
* Multilanguage User Interface
* Single panoramic image import
* Input image EXIF format support
* TWAIN-32 import from scanners and digital cameras
* No restrictions on single size of all input images
* Saves projects to work on later
* Customized user interface
* Output image bilinear filtration
* Vertical camera movement perspective correction
* Mouse, wheel and keyboard control
* Javascript control
* 3D hardware support
* Hotspots GUI for Virtual Tur creation (Pro version only)
* Command line stitching in batch files and stand-alone applications (Pro version only)