Comic Book Viewers (CDisplay + CDisplayEx + ComicRack)

Posted By: goldenscreen
Comic Book Viewers (CDisplay + CDisplayEx + ComicRack)

CDisplay 1.8 + CDisplayEx 1.4 + ComicRack 0.9.59
Windows | 4.6MB | RapidShare

  • Supports reading cbz/zip/cbr/rar/cbt/tar/pdf comics.
  • Database management (extended info storage, thumbnails, quick search, smart searches, custom lists, etc.)
  • Full screen reading mode with two page display, various zoom modes, auto rotation (for tablet pcs), etc.
  • Smart parsing of file names for good initial values (series, number, volume, year etc.)
  • Exporting Comic List into CSV Format
  • Comic Library Network Sharing with optional password protection
  • Custom display grouping, sorting, stacking and filtering
  • Multiple views formats
  • User definable Keyboard shortcuts
  • Thumbnail generation with customization
  • In-viewer extended info editing
  • Batch conversion to cbz/pdf/cbt of all supported import formats

  • Loads JPEG, PNG and static GIF images which are automatically ordered and presented for viewing one at a time or two at a time.
  • The images may be in a zip, rar, ace or tar archive file - no need to decompress before reading.
  • Page through the images sequentially and scroll around pages with single key presses.
  • Automatic page sizing: none; fit to screen, fit to width of screen, fit to width of screen if oversized, display at specific height, or display two pages. Resizing uses Lanczos interpolation for best picture quality.
  • Automatic colour balance and yellow reduction if desired.
  • No bloat caused by non-essential general purpose image processing features.

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