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Fix your Own PC Magazine 2007 - Volume 11, Issue 1

Posted By: kubrick
Fix your Own PC Magazine 2007 - Volume 11, Issue 1

Fix your Own PC Magazine 2007 - Volume 11, Issue 1
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Computers are wonderful tools that occasionally refuse to work the way they should. When something does go wrong, you can avoid frustrating (and costly) downtime by learning to fix your own PC. Use the basic troubleshooting techniques and step-bystep instructions in this issue to solve hundreds of common hardware and software problems.

– What To Do When:

1. Your PC Shuts Down Slowly or Won't Shut Down At All

2. Your PC Runs Slowly or Erratically

3. Your PC Internet Connection Is Show

4. You Can?t Open Email Attachments

5. and more …

– This guide teaches you how to maintain and fix your PC in times of crisis. Suitable for both beginners or professionals.

Fix Your PC
– The Tao Of Troubleshooting Pinpoint The Source Of Your Computer Problem
– How To Handle Error Messages Computers Say the Darnedest Things

What To Do When
– Your PC Won’t Start
– Your Printer Won’t Print
– You Can’t Get Online
– Your Browser Has Been Hijacked
– You’re Pestered By Pop-up Ads
- Your PC Has A Virus
– Your LAN Isn’t Working
– You Can’t Access A WLAN
– You Can’t Send Or Receive Email
– You Can’t Open Email Attachments
– You’re Having Video Problems
– You’re Having Audio Problems
– You Can’t Install Something
– You Can’t Delete Something
– You Accidentally Delete Something
– Your PC Starts Slowly
– Your PC Runs Slowly Or Erratically
– Your PC Internet Connection Is Slow
– Your PC Shuts Down Slowly Or Won’t Shut Down At All
– You Can’t Burn A CD/DVD
– Your System Restore Won’t Work
– Your Cell Phone Won’t Work