Kamasutra 3D in Flash

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Kamasutra 3D in Flash

Kamasutra 3D in Flash (Images in 360º)
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This exhibition was on show at the Chamb ry Modern Art Museum in France, from 15th November 2005 to 30th May 2006.
Each of the postures corresponds to a human sexuality position as described by the Kama Sutra. The artist who produced these sculptures, a French national who was born in the Alps in 1963, kept this collection away from the public eye in his workshop for a long time.
The collection is composed of 20 sculptures in white marble.
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Run with (Kama3D - Go.htm) file.

Kamasutra 3D in Flash

Download Here - Part 1
Download Here - Part 2
Download Here - Part 3
Download Here - Part 4
Download Here - Part 5

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