IMoleBuilder v1.2.3

Posted By: agam3rs
IMoleBuilder v1.2.3

IMoleBuilder v1.2.3 | Software | iPhone | 1.5MB

The IMoleBuilder is an application that can view, edit and build molecules in 3D. Users can easily analyze a molecular structure by rotating, moving, and zooming it.

[Support file format]
PDB : Protein Data Bank format(*.pdb)
MOL : MDL Mole files(.mol)
XYZ : XYZ cartesian coordinates(*.xyz)
MOL2: Sybyl Mol2 format(*.mol2)
CIF : Crystallographic Information
RES : ShelX format [Read-only]
ABC : Cell base coordinate (*.abc)
SES : Save all molecular information(include cell, surface, measure information) and view window information(scale, rotation, etc.) (*.ses)