CA eTrust Anti-Spam 4.0.380

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CA eTrust Anti-Spam 4.0.380

CA eTrust Anti-Spam 4.0.380 | 2,6 Mb

eTrust Anti-Spam solves many of the challenges of spam and fraudulent emails by providing a powerful, proactive solution that blocks unwanted, unsolicited emails. eTrust Anti-Spam automatically builds and manages an approved list of senders, allowing users to view and use email effortlessly.

Additional key features and benefits include:
Spoof-proof fraud protection that verifies the authenticity of messages from people and companies using industry-standard digital signatures;
Optional challenge/response, allowing users to confirm that senders of quarantined messages are real people and not automated spam robots;
Verification of bonded sender, allowing mail from legitimate senders of commercial e-mail to be delivered to the inbox;