Latex All-in-One by toanjp

Posted By: edvardo
 Latex All-in-One by toanjp

This package includes:

Miktex 2.4: Best Tex compiler for Windows
Texniccenter 1.701beta: Best free Text Editor
Ghostscripts 85.4: Postscript Compiler/converter
GSview 4.2: Postscript viewer and converter
LaTable 0.72: Create Table for Latex (WYGIWYS)
Endnote 9 Corp: Bibliography Tool for MS Office but can export to Latex
Bibedit 11.9b: Bibtex Editor
Jabref 2.12b: Bibtex manager
Latex Management: Latex manager
Bibtex Management 4.0: Manage bibtex file content
Excel 2 Latex: Convert Excel table to Latex (for easy latex table creating)
Texaide 4.0a: For easy math formulae creating (WYGIWYS)

Note:if many are interested in this, future version might be expanded with following stuff:

1. More Tex Editors:
- WinEdt: Best Tex Editor for Windows, shareware (I would try to find a working CR)
- Winshell: Text Editor for beginner
- TexMaker: Text Editor support unicode
2. Scientific Workplace: Tex Editor with Office-like user interface for those who want to make Latex document but dont want to learn Latex.

3. Vietnamese packages for making Vietnamese document by Latex

4. Best packages for making slide presentation with Latex: Beamer and Powerdot.

Download: 125 MB