WordPoint 2000

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WordPoint 2000
Get Instant Translation

18 languages, 26 dictionaries, over 500,000 words and expressions per dictionary! For a list of WordPoint

dictionaries click here.

Translate While Reading
Simply point to a word with your cursor or click your mouse with a keyboard combination, and you get an instant and

accurate translation in a tooltip balloon. If there is more than one possible translation, the tooltip balloon

displays the various translations in ranked order of frequency. WordPoint identifies any active text on the screen,

regardless of the color, size, and type of font. You’ll enjoy your reading in any language and in any format!

Translate by Typing
Alternatively, you can type a word into the WordPoint window. This option is especially convenient when writing

documents in a language that is not your native tongue.

Natural and Intuitive Interface
WordPoint’s breakthrough technology lies in its innovative and friendly user interface that helps you to easily and

quickly understand any text, without compromising on translation quality.

Enjoy WordPoint in Your Language
Choose from 13 different user interface languages for menus, dialog boxes, and error messages. For a list of

interface languages, click here.

Customize WordPoint
WordPoint allows you to add your own words and translations to any of its dictionaries. You can also add company

acronyms and industry jargon to WordPoint’s dictionaries.

WordPoint’s translation is accompanied by text-to-speech technology. You can hear the correct English pronunciation

of any text in a male or female voice.

Copy & Paste
Copy the translation of your choice and paste it into any application with just a mouse click.

Use WordPoint Anywhere and Everywhere
WordPoint functions in any Windows operating system, in any language.



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